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Welcome to my Ultima Online Patch, Client and Tool Repository

Here you can get some old Sphereserver and RunUO Versions, Scripts, eBooks, Ultima Online (Full)Clients, historic screenshots and Utilities

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Changelog 03.08.2023 by XeroX:
-Added Client Patches for UOML to Thanks Nerun.

Changelog 07.11.2022 by XeroX:
-Added Clients up to Classic and Enhanced (Rollup)

Changelog 14.11.2021 by XeroX:
-Added some more complete shards
-Added Wolfpack emulator binaries and scripts

Changelog 19.09.2019 by XeroX:
-Added rare Clients 1.26.4a and 4.0.2a2
-Clients 4.0.2a and 4.0.2a2 are basically the same but filesize differs

Changelog 13.01.2018 by XeroX:
-Massively increased the Client Repository with more than 100 Clients from 1.x to 7.x
-Added CentrED Plus Versions till latest of November 2017
-Complete Clients from 1.x to 7.x available (Client + Gamesfiles) up on request via Contact Form

Changelog 19.09.2017 by XeroX:
-Added several Clients up to
-Added several Enhanced Clients up to

Changelog 08.02.2017 by XeroX:
-Added Imagine Nation full shard
-Added CentrED Plus

Changelog 28.01.2017 by XeroX:
-Split NavBar Scripts and Emulators
-Added UO Patches for 1.25.35g to
-Added complete UO Shards in Scripts
-Added more sources of known tools
-Added lots of tools, hacks and utilites

Changelog 05.02.2016 by XeroX:
-Added JoinUO FTP Mirror to NavBar
-Added UO Gold and UO ML Installer
-Added UO Patches from 4.0.11c to 5.0.1j
-Added UO Patches from 5.0.2 to 5.0.65
-Added UO Patchserver

Changelog 29.08.2015 by XeroX:
-Added ScriptSharing Archive
-Added Palanthir and Autopatcher Source
-Added UO Mouse Cursors

Changelog 26.12.2009 by XeroX:
-Added Client -

Changelog 13.09.2009 by XeroX:
-Added Client (Last UOSE Client)

Changelog 06.03.2009 by XeroX:
-Added Client -

Changelog 09.09.2008 by XeroX:
-Added Client -
-Added Client

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