The Death of Lord British
Screenshots are from August 9th 1997 during phase 2 of the Beta testing of UO.

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Heckles & Chuckles
Screenshot by Mental4

British, Blackthorn, Chuckles and Heckles
Screenshot by Mental4

LB dost thou rmeember me? Nope.
Screenshot by Mental4

Guage Test
Screenshot by Mental4

Can we stop stealing folks, please?
Screenshot by Mental4

Blackthorn is more pretentious than I
Screenshot by DemonSoth

One second before LB died
Screenshot by Mental4

LB I think your invincible..
Screenshot by Razimus

LB makes himself invisible
Screenshot by Mental4

Screenshot by Mental4

LB in Newbie Deathrobe
Screenshot by Mental4

Blackthorn plans for revenge
Screenshot by Helios

Blackthorn summons 4 daemons
Screenshot by Mental4

Trying to run from daemons
Screenshot by Mental4

The Lag was as deadly as the daemons
Screenshot by Phobos
Ultima Online History - When LB Died

Me (Dr Pepper) on Blackthorn's 2nd balcony before they arrivedI remember as if it were yesterday, the lag was lagarific, and the crashes and timewarps were great, I went to Blackthorn's castle when I heard British & Blackthorn would be there, I didn't run to the castle, I walked while frozen in the running position to the castle.

Thanks to Mental4 for most of the screenshots! Mental4 is the former webmaster of his current page is down. DemonSoth, Helios & Phobos if you want me to add a link to your page email me the url.
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